MAYPORT, Fla. -- The U.S. Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville has a new member of its fleet. The Diamondback cutter now joins three others like itat Mayport.

This shiparrived from Miami at 9 a.m. and is along side the Kingfisher. The Diamondback and the12 men on board were previously homeported in Miami.Itjust received some high speed vessels, allowing Jacksonville to house the Diamondback. The crew will patrol from the North and South Carolina border, all the way to south Florida.

"The ship runs 24/7, there's really no break. The watch continues and the mission continues throughout the night," says Diamondback Commanding Officer John Ariail.

Most of the missions will be search and rescue and maritime law enforcement. The crew will also use equipment on board like low and high caliber guns and instruments like radar.

"It will provide us opportunities for increased vigilance during heavy weather periods to look after mariners that are in trouble out at sea," says Captain Tom Allan.

"Our crew is very, very proficient at what we do. The crew has been tried and tested in Miami and does not disappoint and we're ready to do the same here at Sector Jacksonville," says Lt. J.G. Ariail.

The crew had the chance to patrol Sector Jacksonville a few months ago.

"One of the first things that my crew said was, 'This feels like home, Captain.' And that's a great feeling," Lt. J.G. Ariail said.

Missions will start in July.