JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Sheriff's Office have identified the 71-year-old man stabbed 10 times at his Acorn Street home early Wednesday morning as Johnnie Holland.

"It was Johnny, sure shocking, really, really shocking," said longtime friend George Thomas who drove by the home Thursday and found out the news.

Thomas lived in the very house before he moved out and Johnnie Holland moved in. He said the 71-year old Holland could often be seen sitting outside in the yard, playing with his cocker-spaniel Buddy.

"He was a great guy, never bothered nobody, he was not that type of person, stuck to himself, had friends, but mostly he was alone."

JSO said Holland was stabbed 10 times and was found bleeding from the head and mouth when they responded to his home around 1:15 early Wednesday morning. JSO believed him to have non-life threatening injuries at the time, but he later passed away at the hospital.

"No one deserved that," said Samuel Walker, who also learned of his friend's passing Thursday afternoon.

Walker, 69, a friend since childhood, talked to Holland a week ago. Walker stopped by Thursday afternoon to check on his friend after hearing of a stabbing on Acorn street,but learned of the bad news that his friend was dead.

"I don't like it at all, because you know there is too much of this stuff happening now. Older people ,I don't care if you are young or old, it happens it is bad, but the older people, they can't even defend themselves. Young people need to realize what they are doing."

"I am not much on words, but I think it is very bad," said neighbor Ernest Gooden who liveddown the street with his 85-year-old wife Bertha. His daughter Teri Singletary says she now worries more about her parents and other elderly people who live in the neighborhood.

"I just worry that anything can happen. You just don't know," said Singletary. "You have people coming from outside, coming into the neighborhood that don't live here, they take advantage of elderly people, or take advantage of a situation."

JSO said Wednesday they were talking to an eyewitness and thought it might lead to a suspect, but they have not made an arrest in this case. Police say someone else also lived at the house along with Holland.

Several people in the neighborhood said they were concerned for their safety after hearing the news and would be more careful from day to day.