KINGSLAND, Ga. -- Police completed an investigation into the sales and distribution of narcotics and other dangerous drugs in the Mariners Landing residential area of Kingsland.

Investigators assigned to the Kingsland Police Department's Special Operations Division identified 33-year-old Will Edward Buie Jr., as the direct supplier. After becoming the focus of the investigation, Buie was arrested during a traffic stop Wednesday, June 12 in the evening and Police executed a search warrant in his Mariners Landing residence.

The search led to the discovery of approximately 1.2 pounds of marijuana, 27 pieces of "crack" cocaine weighing approximately 3.5 grams, a small bag of powdered cocaine weighing approximately 2.5 grams and a "crack cookie" piece of cocaine weighing approximately 5.5 grams.

Items used in the manufacture and distribution of narcotics such as glass beakers, a cooking whisk, and digital scale all with cocaine residue were recovered as well, in addition to razor blades and zip-lock baggies. All of the illegal drugs and items containing residue were field tested and showed positive identification for the suspected substance.

Buie was transported to the Camden County Jail in Woodbine and charged with a misdemeanor count of driving while license suspended or revoked and three felony counts of violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act including possession of cocaine with intent to sell, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, and manufacture of crack/cocaine.

"We will continue to combat the increasingly complex and sophisticated methods individuals use to manufacture and distribute their poison in our community," Chief Darryl Griffis said.