SANFORD, Fla. -- The murder trial of George Zimmerman is making it a little more difficult to access the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center.

The Florida Highway Patrol is now manning mandatory checkpoints at the entrance to the center on Bush Boulevard.

Drivers are being asked to present identification to prove why they need to be at the justice center.

Such identification can be jury summons or court paperwork.

It is believed the checkpoints are not in response to any sort of specific security threat, but rather a crowd control tactic to keep an eye on who's on the property and to help with parking.

One issue, though, is the checkpoints are backing up traffic in the morning when the majority of people are arriving.

As a result, signs are posted telling drivers which lanes to use if they want to access the justice center versus driving past it.

Members of the news media are also being required to provide identification to access the property.