FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - The coach barely entertained reporters' questions.

The owner quietly walked off the field after practice, declining to make any grand statements to the media.

And Tim Tebow, the newest member of the New England Patriots, fielded no questions, offering a 36-second statement that ended with his standard, "God Bless" as he walked away.

A little more than a year ago, the New York Jets did everything but hold a parade following their trade for Tebow. There was a press conference in the Jets' facility, and soon enough owner Woody Johnson was proclaiming one can "never have too much Tebow." Turns out Johnson was wrong - really wrong - and it's clear Bill Belichick intends to show everyone the right way to handle the Tebow sideshow.

By stomping it out along with his players.

"You just worry about playing football. Each player's caught up on striving to their personal goals and trying to get where they want to be as an athlete," said tight end Aaron Hernandez, Tebow's teammate in college at Florida. "A lot of that other stuff you don't really notice or pay attention to, but from the outside looking in, it looks like a big mess."

Hernandez added: "The media's going to be around, and if you let the media become a distraction, that's your fault. Obviously, in this program we don't let that happen. We just play football and take care of ourselves."

Therein lies the real story line in Tebow's signing a two-year deal with the Patriots on Tuesday.