INTERLACHEN, Fla. -- Saturday, June 8, at approximately 12:50 a.m., Putnam County Sheriff's Deputy Jody Hull observed a 2010 Chevrolet truck drive off the roadway and onto the shoulder while patrolling, according to a Putnam County Sheriff's Office news release.

Deputy Hull saw the driver swerve and cross the center line of the roadway several times before stopping the vehicle.

The driver, Michael Bass, allegedly stumbled out of the vehicle and smelled alcohol on his breath. The report said he was unable to balance himself and had slurred speech.

Bass was arrested for driving under the influence and refusing to submit to a field sobriety test. He was transported to Putnam County Jail and asked to take a breath alcohol test again, but refused.

Additionally, Bass has a prior DUI and refusal of the breath alcohol test, according to the release.