GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- A Green Cove Springs resident said a tree that crashed through his home nearly took his life.

"Within another millisecond if I wouldn't have gotten out the way I would have lost my life today. I'm lucky to be alive," said Billy Parker.

Burnt metal and a splintered porch are all that's left of the front portion of Parker's double wide after a tree cut through his home Wednesday afternoon.

"I hear, crack, crack, crack," said Parker.

Billy was standing on the front porch talking with a friend when he saw the shadow of the tree. He jumped out of the way and made it out safely, but he said his friend was hit by a branch and sent to a hospital with cuts and bruises.

"I knew it was going to fall. I've already had a guy looking at it. I told everybody and they didn't do nothing about it," said Michael Brown.

Brown, who also lives inside the home, thinks the tree collapse is "pure neglect".

He said he has asked the property management to do something about it for the last seven months and is upset that his home and all of his belongings were lost in the process.

"I'm just glad that everybody's OK. That's all I was really worried about. It didn't hurt my animals. Everybody was safe," Brown said.

The three residents of the home have moved temporarily to another double wide on the property.

FCN attempted to contact the manager of the mobile home, but they were unavailable.