JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Wolfson High School honored during Wednesday's graduation ceremonies two students who were killed earlier in the school year.

The families of Jordan Davis and JaNay Jackson received honorary high school diplomas during the ceremony at the University of North Florida.

Davis, 17, was shot in November at a Gate gas station in a dispute over loud music.

Jackson was killed in August after a drunk driver drove a van into her bedroom while she slept.

Parents for both Davis and Jackson said they were pleased that the school chose to honor the teens in this way.

"I'm just very grateful to the administration and very, very grateful to the school for all the support and love they've given us. It's such an honor that they would do this for Jordan," said Lucia McBath.

"My thoughts are happy thoughts. This is a day that JaNay looked forward to. As a family, we're sorry she couldn't be with us. But we're pleased to be able to accept her diploma in her honor," said Felicia Jackson, JaNay's mother.