JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The death of JT Townsend won't just impact his immediate family, but the entire First Coast community. He has touched so many people through the JT Townsend Foundation, and will continue to through his work.

Since its inception in 2011, the foundation has helped 60 families with more than $150,000 worth of equipment for people with disabilities.

"He delivered most of the items that he gave away, very involved, and also supported a lot of the people we helped just by talking to them and getting to know them," said JTTF Board Chair Judi Vitiello.

One of those people is Jack Hutchinson.

In an interview with JT in April 2013, he talks about Jack:

"He's an inspiration to me. Every time you see Jack, he has cerebral palsy but, when we see each other, he gets that big smile on his face that's priceless."

Jack'smom Erin tried for months to get a shower chair like this. She says she contacted the J.T. Townsend Foundation and got the chair the next week.

"It was a real gift to us to have the support that we needed to get equipment that we needed. We would love to be able to get everything that's out there but special needs equipment is very expensive because it's a very small market of people who need it," says Hutchinson.

Noone knows thatbetter than JT. After his injury, he had an outpouring of support from the community.

"He took that, and said I want to give back, and he did," says Hutchinson.

"When he showed up at the people's home, to deliver the gifts, they were happy, he was happy, and it was really an act of love, and for JT it was going to be his life's work, it was going to be his legacy, and it still will be his legacy," says family friend Tommy Vietello.

"That's what this is all about, his legacy, of continuing the foundation, and the work that he began," says Judi Vietello

You can find more information about the J.T. Townsend Foundation by clicking on this link.