DECATUR, Ga. -- Nothing could be more frightening. A man crawledthrough apartment windows and stood over females, performing lewd actson himself until they woke up.

It happened twice at the same apartment complex in Decatur. Thesecond time, it happened to a 10-year-old girl asleep on her couch.

The first incident happened May 31 at the Marquis Ridge apartments off Covington Road. DeKalb County Police said a 28-year-old woman and a 30-year-old woman were inside sleeping when the man woke them up.

The second incident happened three days later in the same apartmentcomplex. A 10-year old girl, who fell asleep on her couch watchingtelevision, woke up to the man standing above her.

Both incidents happened at about 4 a.m.

DeKalb County Police spokesperson Mekka Parish said the victimsdidn't get a good look at the man but they thought he was between 18 and20 years old.

"One of the victims described him having a towel over his face, andin the second instance it was described as a mask," Parish said.

The 10 year old's mother said she and her husband were sleeping in an upstairs bedroom when it happened.

"She ran in our room and was screaming and she said somebody's in thehouse and she was shaking and jumping up and down," the mother said ofher daughter.

It is WXIA's policy not to identify sexual assault victims inany way. To protect the girl, we are not identifying her mother.

She said her daughter told her the man threatened to kill her if shescreamed, but her daughter didn't see a gun and screamed. It workedbecause the man left the apartment.

"To think of all the things that could have happened, I'm verygrateful that it didn't go further, but I'm very hurt it went as far asit did," the mother said.

Her mother said what hurt her and her husband more was the fact theywould later find out the same thing happened three days earlier. Theysaid the apartment complex never notified tenants. They said the firstnotification they sent out was Tuesday morning, a day after theirdaughter was assaulted.

"For this to happen three nights ago and for us to not be made awareof it, I kind of feel like this could have been prevented," she said."What happened to my daughter could have been prevented."

DeKalb Police are not fooling around. "There's certainly cause forconcern, number one for the crime itself," Parish said. "We also want toidentify this person out of the fear that it may actually escalate."

Parish said police are now working with the apartment complex andhave canvassed the entire neighborhood. She said they are alsoincreasing patrols through the complex.

WXIA tried to reach out the management at the apartment complex but to no avail.