JACKSONVILLE, FLa. -- After allegedly renting out foreclosed properties that were not their own, two people are behind bars.

The news has been shocking to some of the unsuspecting tennants like Dyannisty McDuffie, who four months into her rental agreementhas yet to fully unpack.

"It did kind of seem to good to be true, this is a beautiful home and for $800 a month," said Dyannisty McDuffie.

McDuffie and her husband said they have paid more than $4,000 to 55-year-old Rosemary McCoy and 38-year-old Elton McCall, the two people behind a rental company called Goin Global.

The duo now sitting behind bars and facing a number of charges including RICO, grand theft and organized fraud.

According to JSO, the duo filed for Adverse Possession without Color of Title on 13 properties along the Westside of Jacksonville, which according to real estate law allows a person to possess a home through occupancy of the land.

"We're seeing this more and more in North Florida this is the third or the fourth I've become aware of it," said Randy Crabtree, of Crabtree Law Group.

The home McDuffie and her family are renting is in the process of being foreclosed like many of the other properties being rented by Goin Global.

But JSO has said they have not been able to locate or contact the actual homeowner, so the McDuffie's are staying put.