JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A state-wide database is allowing Florida residents to register loved ones as emergency contacts in case a natural disaster separates families.

When a Hurricane is on its way most people think of is getting supplies and protecting their homes, but what happens after the storm?

"Most of my family is out of town so they wouldn't be able get around to find out if I'm okay," said Vicky Lyng, Jacksonville Beach resident.

Vicky Lyng is a perfect example of why the state's Emergency Contact Information database is just as important as gearing up for the storm.

Lyng lives on a house boat with her husband on Beach Marine marina and said she had to leave her home behind in an evacuation before.

"That's a nightmare," said Lyng.

The emergency contact information database allows anyone with a Florida license to register up to two contacts so that law enforcement can find your family in case something happens to you. People can register at the DMV or online.

Seven million people have already registered, butten million Floridians have no information in the database.

Sonny Sipes has lived in Jacksonville for 34 years and has been through his fair share of storms.

Sipes said the database would be a great benefit to his family.

"We get split up from each other if we evacuate or if someone couldn't make it, at least we'd have some kind of contact," said Sipes.

The City of Jacksonville also has it's own systems for alert.

The Red Code system notifies residents if they are in an evacuation zone.

Register here for red code alerts or the city'sspecial needs program.