JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- Navy Chief Kevin Williams has beenmissing since last Tuesday, May 28. His wife, Vanessa, remembers the time: 2:20 p.m., because it followed an argument the two hadat the Avenues Mall.

"It is not like my husband not to come home," said Vanessa Williams from the couple's Northside home, where they areraising two children.

"I would say I love you," said Journi Williams, a fifth grader,whenasked what she would tell her dad.

Chief Williams was last seen at a convenience store near the Avenues Mall. His wife said he withdrew $15 in cash and bought an energy drink.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office does not suspect foul play. His disappearance is beingtreated as a missing person investigation.

Clutching a picture of thecouple, the wife is waiting for a phone call from her husband. Williams noted that her husband left his cell phone in the carbecause the battery was dead.

"He said 'babe, babe.' I walked off from him. He said 'babe, babe' to get my attention to come back, but I kept on walking," said Williams about on their last conversation.

The Navy is also involved in trying to find Chief Williams who has been in the military stationed in Jacksonville for the past 15 years.

Anyone with information on Chief Williams is asked to call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The number is (904) 630-0500.