ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- St. Johns County will soon have more manpower for its fire department.

The St. Johns County fire rescue is staring an Auxiliary Firefighter program and creating 15 new positions.

The program will pull recent graduates from the local fire academies.

The new hires will not earn a salary and will work an estimated 20 hours a month at various fire stations around the county.

The chief said the increase will help because sometimes calls require more man-power.

"Showing up with 2 to 3 folks on a truck puts us at a severe disadvantage. So having these additional folks on these trucks and being more effective and efficient on the scenes , we'll see better outcomes," said St. John's County Fire and Rescue's chief Carl Shank.

Most of the initial start-up cost of $58,000 will go towards equipment and gear.

According to Shank, the extra firefighters will not affect response time and the chief does not anticipate a change in fire insurance rates.