JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On two fronts the First Coast is helping the tornado ravaged Oklahoma to recover.

Justin Hinson just returned after being spending almost a week in Moore, Okla. helping homeowners in need. Hinson and abuddy just took off, they say, to help people in need.

The First Coast is being offered an opportunity to send supplies to families in the process of rebuilding. A collection point for donations has been set up at the Strike-Zone locatedat 11702 Beach Boulevard.

"It was an honor to help to serve these people and help them out," said Hinson who along with a buddy, Ryan Kinser, made the 18-hour trip to the heartland.

"I don't want to take any credit. I wasn't the only one," said Hinson.

Hinson said his first impression of what happened was like seeing the aftermath of nuclear explosion.

"It's crazy and we really appreciate everybody's support," said David Workman.

Workman's Beach Boulevardbusiness, Strike-Zone, is ground zero for collections.

Food and diapers are being donated as well as a truck thatis expected to leave Thursday.

The goal is fill toone truck, but organizers would like to bring in anotherone if the response makes that necessary.