ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (WTSP) -- "Not all students are 18-year-old kidsliving in his parent's basement. I'm a tax payer. I pay a lot of taxes.Some of us own that university," said Joe Corlett.

Corlett doesn't mince words. He's suing Oakland University for throwing him out.

His daily journal is the reason why. Titled "Hot For Teacher," it wasassigned day one by his instructor, Pamela Mitzelfeld. She thought itwas inappropriate and turned it into the dean. The university expelledCorlett, saying the journal violated the school's harassment policy.

Corlett said that's nonsense.

"It says specifically in the syllabus that we are to record our firstimpressions of people in our day book assignment and that's what I did.I recorded my first impressions of her."

So, in one passage Corlett wrote, "Tall, blonde, stacked, skirt, heels, fingernails, smart, articulate, smile."

Corlett said the real issue is much more sinister. He said it'spolitical correctness run amok, and that Oakland is trying to dictatewhat students can think.

"Osama Bin Laden himself couldn't have come up with a better way forour country to commit suicide than with this political correctness beingperpetuated on our nation's campuses."

The school issued its own statement:

"Serious educational concerns are triggered when a student doesn't recognize the monumental inappropriateness of certain work."