ATLANTA, Ga. (WXIA) -- Atlanta police called personnel at the Atlanta CityDetention Center around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, to tell them that a bombthreat had been made against the jail, that it was called into Zone 3.

The detention facility was briefly locked down, as reported by JaneyWard of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department. During the lockdown,non-essential personnel were evacuated for safety. Also during thattime, K-9 units and detention center personnel swept the building insearch of the alleged bomb.

When sweeps were completed, no bomb or related threats were found, Ward said.

Detention center personnel will continue to investigate.

Assistant Chief Diane Jones of the APD Department of Corrections said all threats appeared to be false.

Police have arrested Catelius Sanders in connection with the bombthreat call, and Ward said they will interview her for moreinformation.