HILLIARD, Fla. -- Residents of Hilliard say their town is being terrorized by arsonists after two more incidents happened overnight.

One incident involved the garage of a home being set on fire.

"Came outside to see a fire in our garage," said Kristin Buchanan, a victim of arson.

Early Tuesday morning the home was set on fire, and less than three miles away, Eastwood Oaks Apartments hadfive cars set on fire in April,

Another car was set on fire Monday night.

"I just want to figure out why I guess, the reasoning, I guess I don't understand putting other people's feelings at risk,"said Buchanan.

Buchanan and her husband were asleep around 1 a.m. when they heard their alarm go off, alerting them someone opened a door. Moments later they saw the fire.

Immediately her husband and a family member put it out, but Buchanan said the same thing happened at her cousin's house just a few months ago.

"Same thing, catch the garage on fire and then bang on the door, I guess to get everybody out," added Buchanan.

The couple has no power or water due to the electric panel and water heater catching fire.

The Nassau County Sheriff's office said they are investigating and would not comment on any leads. The Eastwood Oaks Apartments manager they hired an overnight security guard.

"We're just on high alert, more than usual. You know living in a small town you think you can let go a little bit, but lately it's been not that way unfortunately," said Buchanan.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office is advising residents to keep their cars and homes locked, park their cars in well-lit areas, and add lighting on their property.

Residents can report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Office at 904- 225-0331 and if you have any information on these incidents call Crimestoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.