JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A west Jacksonville institution is making mouths water once again.

Krispy Kreme on Cassat Avenue closed in 2005 after 35 years in business.

But on Tuesday, those famous glazed doughnuts came rolling down the assembly line in a brand new building.

Roger Durham enjoys flipping through pictures of a time when he was the manager of the Krispy Kreme on Cassat Avenue.

"It was the first store I ever managed," he said. "I moved here in 2000."

One customer sticks out in particular, a man who he said was the last paying customer when this store closed in 2005 and was the first paying customer on Tuesday, eight years later.

"Yeah he works for the city," Durham said. "He goes around and inspects the buildings."

Durham now runs another Jacksonville location. But on Tuesday morning, he was in full uniform and excited to see customers at this location again, the "hot now" sign shining bright.

"It's very heartwarming," he said. "When I pulled off Interstate 10 and saw the sign with the light on, want to make a grown man cry about it."

For the customers, it's obvious they're just as excited.

"You can see from the crowd this morning, I'm not the only one that's tickled about the situation," Durham said.

In fact, Durham said this reopening doesn't just bring back old memories. He thinks it's going to lead to new ones now that this Westside institution is once again satisfying people's sweet tooth.

"I think it puts a good shot in the arm for Jacksonville," he said.