JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --The official start of Hurricane Season begins June 1, but Memorial Day is the one-year anniversary of Tropical Storm Beryl hitting Jacksonville.

The storm is remembered for its high wind gusts and torrential rain, and one local family is still feeling its effects.

"We all grew up in the home and like I said, it's where our roots are," said Jennifer Partin.

One year after Tropical Storm Beryl, the Wilcox family is still trying to get its home back.

"We've had it flood there before, but not that bad," said Robert Wilcox.

Flooding caused extreme damage to the family'shome on Noroad Road on the Westside one year ago. Last year the family had to evacuate during the storm and as they saw their house slowly slipping away.

They were also on the verge of losing a family member.

"He wanted to die at home and so we were taking care of him at the house. He didn't want to leave even with the storm, he said he was staying with it, but we had to carry him out because he wasn't going to leave," said Partin.

Jennifer Partin's 79-year-old father-in-law was receiving hospice care at home. When the water started rising inside the home, the family had to carry him out and move into a hotel.

"Within a week before we could get back to try to save a lot of stuff, mold had taken over," said Partin.

Robert Wilcox Senior died in the hotel with his family a few weeks after the storm.

It was another hard hit for the Wilcox family and a year later they are still feeling the pain and feeling for the victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma.

"I feel for them because you don't realize until you go through something how hard it is to rebuild and then losing a family member. He was like my dad. I had grown up with the family since I was 12-years-old,"cried Partin.

The family has been struggling to get back on its feet and back onto the property.

Right now, they are renting a home, but they say they still feel displaced. Everyone including the kids wants to go back to old house.