JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The day before Memorial Day, many families are stopping and taking the time to remember and honor the men and women in their lives who have served our country.

More than 5,000 service men and women are buried at the cemetery. The area was a sea of American flags, all of them placed by volunteers.

Behind each flag is a story.

"You're recognized, dad," Gutierrez said as he rubbed the stone engraved with his father's name, and service information. "You're a good hero."

The two were at the cemetery Sunday morning to pay respect to husband and father, John A. Wright.

"I love my husband," Ida said. "I really miss him."

John Wright served in World War II, the Vietnam and Korean wars as a gunner's mate.

He died in January at age 86.

"The most honest human being I've ever met," Gutierrez said.

All around the sprawling cemetery, there are heroes. There are also their families and friends who are taking the time to remember the people they love this Memorial Day weekend.

"It means a lot to me," Gutierrez explained. "Because the sacrifices of all the military and veterans give to us."

They are sacrifices that speak volumes.

"God bless everybody who is serving our country," Gutierrez said,

Send us photos of your fallen heroes and be sure to include a story with your memories. Upload the pictures online on our First Coast News special tribute: Your Pictures of our Heroes- A Memorial Day Tribute.