ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. (WTSP) -- It was a single Quick Pick ticket sold on Saturday at a Publix in Zephyrhills that won the largest Powerball jackpot ever, according to Florida Lottery officials.

It's worth $590.5 million, and whether the lone ticket was bought by an individual or a group of people who chipped in, it will be the biggest single-ticket payout in American lottery history.

"It's so exciting," said Mike Purcell, Tampa District Manager with the Florida Lottery. "We've had six Powerball winners in Florida, more than any other state, but to have this one and set the record, it's just awesome. Everybody in Florida probably woke up today and said, 'Do I know anybody that lives in Zephyrhills?'"

Once the Florida Lottery confirms the winner, his or her name and city of residence will be revealed. Purcell hopes the person will contact a financial adviser before coming to the Florida Lottery office in Tallahassee to claim the prize.

Within 60 days, the winner will have to decide whether to take 30 annual payments that would total the full $590.5 million, or receive one lump cash payment, which amounts to $370 million. According to Purcell, a 25 percent tax rate will also be taken from the $370 million.

According to Rita Kozina, who's lived in Zephyrhills for 26 years, "everybody knows everybody." That's why she's especially surprised that she doesn't know who won the Powerball prize.

"Just very happy that someone in our little town won," she says. "Zephyrhills got on the map."

Kozina's brother-in-law bought two Powerball tickets at the Zephyrhills Publix on Saturday. After hearing the news of a local winner, she texted him to make sure that he reviewed his tickets, and to see if she could share in the winnings.

Everyone we spoke to in the Publix parking lot had an idea of what they would do with the Powerball prize, from sharing with family to planning a Hawaii vacation.

Wesley Purvis and his mother, Tricia, had a different idea though.

"I might help out my youth baseball league," Wesley says.

And with the full winnings, there's always the option of buying another 295 million Powerball tickets.