JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hundreds of Jacksonville citizens who participated in nine month JAX 2025 Vision Report project gathered at Everbank to see the results of their labor, outlined in a 100 page vision booklet.

Inside the booklet are 10 areas to improve the quality of life in Jacksonville.

Downtown development and education top the list.

"Jacksonville has a realopportunityto become much more than it is, it has an opportunity for some sustained strong economic growth, downtown development, for a real revitalization and change in our education system and do things a little different in how we treat other people," saidBen Warner, Jacksonville Community Council CEO.

The report also urges improvements in arts and entertainment and transportation.

Alfred Montague participated in the project. He said he already saw results come from this effort and sees greater things ahead.

"Everyone can pick up a book , see exactly what we have all agreed to , and now can take a specific action. And so I think we are well on our way to going where we need to go," said Montague.

Residents from from every zip-code in the city had a say in the plan, and that impresses Laureen Husband.

"It's taken all kinds of voices, different walks of life, coming together to say what should be in the plan instead of just the usual players who often influence what happens in our city," said Husband.

Participants in Jax 2025 now will focus on the "build it" phase, making sure the plan is implemented.

"Hopefully the city and the various agencies actually pick up this mantle and carry it, we have got to execute this thing," said
Robert Mann.

"I think we have theopportunityto work together now. I think there is a lot of momentum, a lot of energy, and Jax 2025 is going to rely on a lot of institutions from colleges and universities, to the private sector to non-profit agencies, all of us working together to make it happen,"said Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown.

"It sets out a road map for the future of Jacksonville that we all of us can have a part in," said Warner.