JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Not all lottery retailers are created equal.

Some have better luck than others.

According to the Sun Sentinel with information from Florida Lottery, the luckiest retailer in Duval county is a Northside gas station.

Edgewood Shell gas station, located at 2309 Edgewood Ave. west has 484 total wins.

The number of wins is based on tickets sold since 1993 with winnings more than $600.

The Edgewood Shell has sold winning tickets totaling around $1.7 million with its largest payout of $250,000 coming in 2008.

Another Shell station, Golfair Shell located at 860 Golfair Blvd., is the second luckiest lotto retailer.

Golfair Shell has 316 total wins totaling around $1 million.

Prime Stop gas, station located at 1291 Lake Forest Blvd, is the third winningness retailer with a total of 307 wins.

Biggest One-Time Duval Payouts

$28.6 million - Safeco Food Store - 6701 Powers Ave. (1993)

$21.9 - Welcome Food - 114 San Jose Blvd. (2002)

$17.6 - Publix - 1100 Dunn Ave. (1994)