(USA Today) -- Prince Harry flat on his face? That's the early report via Twitter today about what happened when he tried his hand at playing sitting volleyball with the British team at the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs.

But it was for a good cause: Harry, the warrior royal, is in Colorado this weekend for the Warrior Games, a Paralympics-style event for wounded service personnel. He's cheering wounded-warrior athletes in general, and the British team in particular.

"Prince Harry, playing sitting volleyball, rolls backwards to hit ball and lands face down on the gym floor," tweet/reported CNN's Max Foster, as pictures of the practice game trickled in.

The 28-year-old third-in-line to the throne, who's both athletic and a serving captain in the British Army, is on Day 3 of his week-long visit to the USA, where he is promoting Britain, the military and his African charity.

Wearing his Army fatigues and desert boots, he met with the U.K. team today, chatting and joking with the team members. The Associated Press reported that they found Harry easy to talk to, and that he was especially interested in their recovery and health care.

"He knows what it's like out there," said British Army Capt. Dave Henson, who lost both legs when an IED exploded in Afghanistan two years ago and is on the volleyball team. "(Harry's) been on the ground and in the air."

Harry, who served two tours in Afghanistan, took a turn at practicing sitting volleyball, one of the competitions he'll be watching later today. Players, who have lost lower limbs, play from a sitting position on the floor in a smaller court and with a lower net.

Harry also is attending a brunch, visiting the Olympic Training Center nearby, and appearing at the Opening Ceremony today. On Sunday, he will watch cycling at the US Air Force Training Academy.

Among his other duties in the last year, Harry served as an Olympic Ambassador for Britain during the Olympic Games in London last summer.

More than 200 athletes, men and women, serving and veteran, are participating in the 2013 Warrior Games. There are five American teams (Army, Marine Corps, Navy/Coast Guard, Air Force, and Special Operations). The U.K. team is competing at the games for the second year.

The competitions will cover seven sports: archery, cycling, shooting, sitting-volleyball, swimming, track and field, and wheelchair basketball.

Next week, Harry heads back east to New Jersey to tour Hurricane Sandy damage, to New York to promote tourism to Britain, play baseball and attend a charity fundraising gala, and to Connecticut for a polo match to raise money for his African children's charity.

Harry started off his visit in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, where he appeared on Capitol Hill, turned up for a surprise visit to a White House party for military families, and attended a glittery dinner at the British Embassy.

On Friday, he laid wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery and met with wounded veterans at the Walter Reed military medical center. Last night, he attended a reception in Denver where he met Olympic champion Missy Franklin and sang Happy Birthday for the gold-medal-winning swimmer who turned 18 on Friday.