JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A dramatic high speed chase in San Marco ends with a stolen car slamming in to the side of a house and the homeowner said it's the house that saved them.

"It was built in '38, so it's all real wood," said homeowner Mallory Lampp.

Lampp said it was the craftsmanship of his home in San Marco that saved it from further damage when a stolen Dodge Charger slammed in to the sun porch after a high speed chase with police.

It was built so well in fact that the alleged car thief thought it would save him too.

"She unlocked the back door and saw the door to the toilet was closed, which it never is," he said.

Lampp's wife opened the door, and found the alleged carjacker sitting on the toilet.

"He told her to be quiet, he made that sign, and then she just screamed and went inside," he said.

She screamed so loud, her brother-in-law, who lives two doors down, came running.

"My brother-in-law had a gun, and when the guy saw the gun he just took off by the woods," he said.

The still unnamed suspect was able to hide out in a shed for 45 minutes before police found him.

"The suspect is in good condition, but he was transported to Shands as a precaution," said Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Sgt. DJ Valentine.

And while the suspect is fine, the jury is still out on Mallory Lampp's house.

"Once the car is moved, I have to have somebody come look and see just how bad it is," he said.

Charges are now pending against the suspect, and Lampp called his insurance adjuster this evening to see what the damage is for him.