JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- The medical examiner's office is investigating after what appears to be bones were found in a park-area on Forest Road.

Homicide detectives searched a grassy area on Forest and Belfort Friday morning.

It is right next to fire and rescue department station 5. It is a residential area with homes nearby.

An officer who spoke to First Coast News on condition of anonymity tells said a paramedic found the bones while on routine lawn maintenance. Some of the folks who live nearby tell FCN they thought it

"Kind of strange," said Jessie Jones, who has lived in the neighborhood for dedicated. "Because nothing like this has ever happened on this side, where I'm at."

Those bones were sent to the medical examiner's office, which...FCN was told is always done in a case like this to figure out what the bones are.

"I hope they're a dog bone," Jones said. "I hope they're not no human bones they found out there. I hope it's a dog they found out there."

Early Friday evening, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokeswomen, Melissa Bujeda released a statement saying the bones found Friday are not human and they are confirmed animal bones.