JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Bartram Trail High School senior has been stuck atShands Gainesville for four months waiting for a heart transplant. On Friday, the staff helped lift her spirits by throwing her a prom.

Some of it was the same: The pictures, the dancing, the nerves. It was only the venue that was a little different.

"It was one of the biggest things I have wanted to do besides graduate, so I'm really excited," said Taylor Haberman.

When Haberman couldn't make it to her senior prom, they brought prom to her.

"This guy that I've had a crush on for the longest time came in to my room, and popped down on one knee and gave me flowers," she said.

A nonprofit called Streetlight put the prom together.

It's a group of volunteers who try and connect with teens suffering from serious illnesses to bring some normalcy back to their lives.

"Every night she's with us and like, 'I'm going to miss my prom, my graduation.' And we've all gotten so close to her, and hearing her say it, it's like -- could we pull that off," said Rebecca Brown, the founder of Streetlight.

Oh they pulled it off.

With her dress, the dancing, the date. It was perfect.

Next up is Haberman's high school graduation on June 1st.