JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Heavy rain caused significant flooding Friday on Hood Road adjacent to Mandarin Middle School.

Deputies with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office used their squad cars to block access to the road between the school and Old St. Augustine Road.

Water was at least ankle deep in some places and drifting into some people's front yards.

Drivers were able to try and drive through the floodwater, but were advised to turn around and find another route.

At least one car, a silver Ford Mustang, got stuck in the high water, forcing the driver to evacuate.

An officer on scene said the driver is OK, and eventually the car was removed from the scene.

Dena Pantazi said she has lived in the area for around 20 years, and took extra precautions to get her kids to school safely.

"My 16-year-old usually drives to school. But today, I'm taking her. I took her at nine and I have to pick her up again later," Pantazi said.

At nearby Mandarin Middle School, it was business as usual Friday.

Parents received an automated phone call regarding the flooded road.

They are encouraged to give themselves extra time when picking up their kids from school Friday afternoon.