JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Three hours into his shift and pizza delivery driver Greg Cochran was all out of dry clothes. His shirt and shorts soaked all the way through.

"I've hydroplaned four times. I almost hit the curb," he said.

Cochran didn't come prepared for the rain and is suffering through a busier than usual night as his customers stay dry.

Meanwhile, fast food employee Benjamin Dixon was working on getting a ride home after eight hours on the job.

"It's horrible been at work all day long and it's been like this," Dixon said.

Dixon normally walks from Arlington to the Southside but decided to take the bus in an effort to stay dry. But the bus stop doesn't come with any cover.

Reporter: "What kind of clothing do you wish you had on right now?"
Dixon: "Maybe a better hat."

Thursday's rain didn't stop die hard Mellow Mushroom fans
from sitting on the patio, but their food came with a side of wet weather.

The awning was no match as the rain started coming in sideways. It was falling so hard we had to stop our interview with bartender Jerry Hiers.

There wasn't enough towel to soak up all the water coming in.

"I did find out today i need a good pair of galoshes. Mine are not very good. I realized that today," Hiers said.