JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sometimes it feels like Jacksonville's parade is constantly getting rained on. The national sports media wont give the Jags a break.

Then there was the time on Monday Night Football that ESPN showed shots of Charlotte instead of our town. Honest mistake: Though Charlotte doesn't have a river or ocean. Maybe that can be easily confused.

Then this report came out last month from a dating site. Jacksonville the number 8 least sexy city in America.

Have you not seen the ROAR? Have you not seen Mike Prangley?

Are you talking about Jacksonville, Arkansas? Maybe Jacksonville, Missouri. No, not Florida.

We're the welcome mat to the tourism capital of America: Florida's first city.

And while I think we give a pretty awesome first impression, it seems this welcome mat is getting beaten like a filthy bear skin rug.

But this latest article hits me hardest: said Jacksonville is the most average place in America. The writer said our city isn't especially distinctive or noteworthy "a great example of a generic American city."

And then says that we live in an auto-oriented, suburban style community that's part of an integrated suburban area.

Terry Lorince from Downtown Vision talk me back from the ledge.

"I think Jacksonville has a heck of a lot to toot their horn about," Lorince said. "I think people in Jacksonville know that they have a great city, know that this is almost a little bit of secret of what we have going here."

Sure, there's room for improvement. We're not perfect. Not everyone can be Reno.

But just remember, as the country comes barreling through on their way to see a mouse or party on South Beach, we're here and we're ready to party.