CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- According to a Clay County Sheriff's police report, Thomas Lee Adams, 60, has been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

On Wednesday,2ClayCountyofficers along with officials from the Department of Children and Families arrived at Adams residence at the 4000 block of Country Meadows Drive about 7:30p.m. The officers were there to assist DCF with removing a child from Adam's home.

Both Lt. Burke and Sgt. Kraemer knocked at the door and Adams answered. The officers explained that they were there to assist DCF with maintaining peace while DCF took the child.

According to the report, the officers said the man had his hand behind his back and both Lt. Burke and Sgt. Kraemer feared that Adams had a weapon behind him.

Adams told the officers that he was not going to allow the child to be taken and pulled out a gun, pointing it at Lt. Burke. The lieutenant was able to grab the gun away from Adams and hit him on the head with his own gun.

After a struggle, the officers were able to get Adams to the ground and place the restraints on him, according to the report.

Adams sustained minor injuries to the head and after being cleared by Orange Park Medical Center, Adams was transported to the Clay County Jail.