JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Carter Richards said the best part of the kids triathlon is jumping in.

"When you get in the water, you get refreshed right before the race," he said.

He's been practicing for weeks.

Running, swimming and biking, all in preparation for the Kids Triathlon May 5th.

"Last year was my first triathlon, and I felt so good after the race I was like, 'I'm so doing this next year!' And just because I'm on chemo, it isn't going to stop me from doing that," he said.

Diagnosed with a rare cell disorder in September, Carter's on a low dose of chemotherapy for a year to fight the disease.

"It's called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis," said Carter's mom Mary Jo Richards.

While it took Mary Jo a while to learn how to pronounce the disease, she said Carter bounced right back from the diagnosis, and won't let it slow him down.

"He's a strong kid. He's determined. He's been amazing through the whole thing, just handling it like a trooper," she said.

So how does he do it?

"Probably the love and care of my family and friends," he said.

Training with a group at the YMCA, he hasn't missed a practice, and wants to help other kids through the race.

"Stay strong and don't give up," he said.

Great advice, given with a splash!

If you want to get your child involved, the YMCAs across Jacksonville will be hosting Kids Day on Saturday. And there's still time to register for the Kids Triathlon on May 5.