PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. -- The Putnam County Sheriff's Office and the Crescent City Police Department responded to an outdoor marijuana grow operation near West Grand Rondo Road Thursday afternoon.

Law enforcement said in a release they found 850 mature marijuana plants growing in the area, at an average height of 4-feet-tall with an estimated value of $1000 per plant.

"We responded to an anonymous tip and they ultimately found the marijuana," said Deputy Paula Priester, Public Information Officer for the sheriff's office.

"Deputies went down a well-used path into the woods and found the marijuana in what appeared to be a dried up pond."

Their have been no arrests in this case. Police know who owns the property and wants to talk to that person. Police say it is possible whoever was growing the marijuana is not the owner of the private property on which it was found. Noone lived on the property.

"Due to the efforts of our deputies and officers with the Crescent City Police Department, we removed over $800,000 worth of illegal marijuana from our county. I commend all who were involved" said Sheriff Jeff Hardy.

The marijuana plants were collected and the investigation of the marijuana grow operation continues. Once the investigation is complete and they get a court order, the sheriff's office will destroy the marijuana in an incinerator in Jacksonville.