JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This week, we have told you about an initiative we announced at First Coast News: Hero Next Door student scholarships.

FCN is awarding college scholarships to students on the First Coast. FCN's David Williams introduces to one student who said he, without question, wants to go to college.

Joshua Falcon, 19, of Jacksonville, is a senior at Father's Harbor Academy. He is determined to go to college.

"What I really want to do," he said. "My focus is music production."

He does have some colleges in mind.

"FSCJ and Word of Life," he explained.

His life thus far hasn't been easy. He lives at the Florida Baptist Children's homein Jacksonville. His grandparents raised him. But his grandmother died of cancer and his grandfather couldn't care for him. So his family placed him there almost 4 years ago. He does not receive state funding.

"I'm not a technical foster kid that has all of those benefits and blessings that they do," he explained.

Falcon just started working at Pizza Hut, but he said that's just not enough.

"Money is a big problem," he admitted.

He said he is grateful for everything he has so far. But, being an only child, he often wonders ...

"How am I going to make the money to go to college? I'm broke," he said.

First Coast News is awarding 11 scholarships totaling $15,000 during the month of May. It is part of our commitment to you.

Falcon, however, falls just outside the eligibility. Students must be ages 13-18 to be considered.

"It would save my life," he explained. "Very much."

Still, he is determined to make his collegiate dreams come true.

"Really, you just have to go by faith," Falcon said. "If you don't you're going to stress yourself out."

Joshua said no matter what, he is going to college.

If you might be able to help Joshua or know someone who can, send Williams anemail or give him a call at (904) 633-8808. Click hereto find the application and complete rules and qualifications for the Hero Next Door student scholarships.