JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Florida's"Stand Your Ground" gun law has been in cross hairs of controversy, but another law allowing employees to bring their guns to work is on the books with little push back.

In 2008, Florida lawmakerssolidified the right of workers to bring their guns to workin their vehicles. Employer have no right to ask if any employee is exercising that right.

"I think the law tried to strike a balance between competing rights. So far I think it has worked fairly well," said Jacksonville Beach attorney Cord Byrd, who has handled a couple of cases involving the law.

The law was challenged by various business organizations in Florida with a federal court reviewing what the law allowed.

Some changes were made, but for the most part it stands as written.

"Now the wayit stands, is an employee, if they want to have a gun in their employers' parking lot, they have to have a concealed weapons permit," said Cord, who notedthe five year old law is not making many waves.

State Senator Audrey Gibson, who was then a state representative at the time, voted against the guns at work law.

Gibson's staff said the Senator said the passage of time has not changed how she feels about workers being allowed to bring guns to work.

Arlington automotive shop owner Mike Anania is a strong supporter of the law. He carries a weapon while at work and allows his employees to do the same.

"It has made a difference in ability to react if there were something to happen. Fortunately, nothing has," said Anania.

The law also allows customers of a business to have a gun in their carsproviding the weapon is in a secure place.