PONTE VEDRA, Fla. -- According to a VISA survey, the families with prom-aged kids will spend $1,078 dollars on the annual party.

The survey found a 33 percent increase in spending since 2011 when the average was $807.

One potential way parents and economical students can avoid some of the high costs is saving on the prom wear.

Amber Russo works with Goodwill of North Florida and their concept store Bluetique.

It's part consignment, part boutique with 70 percent of the items donated and 30 percent new.

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Russo said they have ideal prom dresses and even tuxedos for cheap.

"You can come here and get the whole kit and caboodle for less than $100," she said.

This type ofconsignmentshopping is exactly what financial educators are suggesting, especially since considering prom clothes are worn once in a lifetime.

And Russo said money saved at Bluetique is money that can be spent on other parts of the prom experience.

"I would say save the money for a limo so you can make sure your kids aren't driving around on the roads on prom night," she said.

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