JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In First Coast News' continuing commitment to the community, the Hero Next Door Students program will award $15,000 in college scholarships to 11 students.

There is a need. Families are facing tough times, especially when trying to figure out how to pay for college.

Danny O'Bryne, a senior at Bishop Kenny High School, will be his family's first generation to attend college.

"I want to study political science. Get a basis there," he said. O'Bryne has chosen to attend Florida State University and wants to eventually become a lawyer.

His family's saved for college since he was born, but there is a need for more money to pay for school. He expects tuition to be around $17,000 a year.

"In this day and age, it's hard to come up with that amount of money for every student that wants to go to college," he said.

Steve Soud, director of college counseling at The Bolles School, sees that struggle firsthand.

"Budgets are tight and college costs are anywhere from $22,000 to maybe $55,000 a year," Soud said. "People are having a hard time of finding a way to make that work."

That is why First Coast News is stepping up. First For You, we're awarding 11 students with college scholarships, totalling $15,000.

"Your doing that is really nothing less than a miracle today for these kids now," O'Bryne said.

"I think what First Coast News is doing is a wonderful thing. It's going to help a number of families here locally," Soud said.

For more information on the Hero Next Door Students scholarships, click here.