ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. -- The staff at Selva Marina Country Club knows all about tough times, but now believes the club has a plan that will lead the golf course out of the rough.

The club, which has faced debt and dwindling membership, is seeking to build a golf course community with 160 homes.

"The goal right now is we would close early next year, January or February, rebuild the club and by the fall (2014) be back in operation," said John Meserve, who is Selva's chief administrative officer.

The plan that's in the works calls for a developer to purchase club property that would provide the cash for a new club house and other amenities. Meserve said the sale is on target for later this year.

Lots with golf course views, according to Meserve, would start in the $200,000 rangewith some lots being more expensive.

The course in 2005 attempted to develop property but the recessionput the brakes on that attempt.

Meserve is confident what'son the drawing board nowis the right plan with the timing being right as well.

Selva Marina Country Club is a landmark in Atlantic Beach and was opened in 1958.