ST JOHN'S, Fla.-- The day after a huge explosion rocked the small Central Texas town of West, its effects are being felt on the First Coast.

First Coast Newsspoke to a St. John's woman whose daughter is directly involved in the massive help and clean-up effort going on.

"Very caring," Williams said when describing her daughter BeckyMabry. "Very quick to jump to jump to action when someone needs help."

Mabry jumped into action immediately, after a large explosion at a fertilizer plant tore through the area.

Mabry lives in Waco, Texas and works as a sheriff's deputy. Williams said Mabry responded to the fertilizer plant fire, but only after finishing another call.

"And that happened to save her life," Williams said. "I believe that."

Mabry, according to her mother, was in the area near the West explosion. Mabry's co-worker near the blast is still missing. Mabry immediately went to help pull people from a nearby nursing home.

"She felt, with the houses she went in, people were sill alive and she said she'd never knocked down so many doors and crawled through so many windows," Williams said as she described the work her daughter did Wednesday night amid the chaos and confusion.

Mabry has served time in the Army and overseas, according to her mother.

"I thank the Lord that my daughter isthere to help," she said. Williams was also thankful for all of the first-responders and ordinary people who have and continue to help in West.

Williams said she immediately tried to contact her daughter, who is a wife and mother of two.

But, she said nearly 12 hours passed before she heard back from her confirming Mabry's safety.

"She says right now, her eyes are irritated and when she breathes, her throat is irritated," Williams said, talking about her daughter's physical well-being.

Messages and images of support and prayer for West are flooding social media Thursday.

"You can only hope that they find some peace," Williams said. "get the help they need."

Williams said her daughter told her she plans on going right back to West and continuing to help with the massive efforts underway in the area.