BAKER COUNTY, Fla. - The Baker County Sheriff's Office has issued a warning to the community about a possible email scam.

According to a post on the Baker County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, an alleged spam campaign masking itself as news on the Boston Marathon is making its way through email inboxes.

The post claims the email contains a link to a website, which if successful, installs malware on the users computer.

The Baker County Sheriff's Office said the following email subject lines are being used in the scam:

  • "2 Explosions at Boston Marathon"
  • "Aftermath to explosion at Boston Marathon"
  • "Boston Explosion Caught on Video"
  • "BREAKING - Boston Marathon Explosion"
  • "Video of Explosion at the Boston Marathon 2013"
  • "Runner captures. Marathon Explosion"
  • 2 Explosions at Boston Marathon
  • Aftermath to explosion at Boston Marathon
  • Arbitron. Dial Global. Boston Bombings
  • Boston Explosion Caught on Video
  • BREAKING - Boston Marathon Explosion
  • Explosion at Boston Marathon
  • Explosion at the Boston Marathon
  • Explosions at Boston Marathon
  • Explosions at the Boston Marathon
  • Opinion: Boston Marathon Explosions made by radical Gays? Really? -
  • Opinion: Boston Marathon Explosions - Romney Benefits? -
  • Opinion: Boston Marathon Worse Sensation - Osama bin Laden still alive!? -
  • Opinion: FBI knew about bombs 3 days before Boston Marathon - Why and Who Benefits? -
  • Opinion: Osama Bin Laden video about Boston Marathon Explosions - bad news for all the world. -

The Baker County Sheriff's Office suggests, if you receive an email that fits the description, to delete the emails and to not click on any links.