JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has charged a 19-year old man with manslaughter in the death Wednesday night of 22-year old Kwame Gabe.

Gabe was a passenger in a vehicle that arrived at the Shands Hospital emergency room around 6:30 Wednesday evening with two other men. The victim was taken into the trauma room where he died.

Police say they were told that an unknown person shot into the car while it was traveling down Main Street. Curtis Hordge, 22, says the bullet came in the front windshield and struck the victim.

But police say evidence at the scene showed clearly that the victim was shot by an occupant in the back seat, the trajectory of the projectile showed this. A spent casing and a live round were found in the back seat area.

Hordge is being charged with manslaughter and possession of marijuana. Javaris Wright, 20, who was driving the car, is charged with tampering with evidence and driving with a suspended license. No firearm was found in the vehicle and both men denied seeing or handling a gun. Police say the gun was disposed of prior to arrival of police.

Police also say in the report that Wright told two witnessesthat the shooting was an accident.