JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The house is inhistorical Durkeville, but the city says the house is not an historical home.

"Our house is over one hundred years old," said Lynette Myers,"and we would like to keep it in the family."

Myers is now leading a fight to save their home from a wrecking ball.

"This is our family home this is all the legacy we have left of our family," she said.

The city's Municipal CodeCompliance Division cited the property as an unsafe structure in 1999, that was two years after it was damaged byfire.

The city said since then nothing has been done to improve the building.

Myers said they tried but the first setback was abad contractor, then someone tried to steal the aluminum siding off the building and then there wereunexpected deaths in the family.

"We try to explain that to them," said Myers," but no one would listen."

In 2005 the case went to aSpecial Master, an administrative judge who reviews code violation cases,and he imposed a fine of $150 a day.

The Myers family found out Wednesdaythe fines for 2,686 days have reached a total of $402,900 as of April 17, 2013.

"I didn't know it was that much," said Myers," we can't afford that!"

The city has begun the demolition process. The reason?The Myers were given ample time to make correction

"We want to save out house," said Myers, "we have contractors now to start work on our house."

Ironically this month the Myers signed a contract with an engineering firm to design plans, hire a contractor, secure financing and the proper permits.

"They said the house can be restored," she said.

They would like the city to stop its plans to demolish the two story house at 1504 North Myrtle Avenue.

"All we need is just time," said Myers, "we're just asking the city to grant us time."

City officials said the condition of the building has been the bane of complaints from at least two residents, and the fact that the family has another building on West 6th streetin a similar situation.

City officials said the Myers house is nowlisting and poses a potential hazard to thehouse next door, the street and the people who walk the sidewalks. The city then made the decision to demolish the building.

TheMyers plan to seek a court injunction to stop the demolition.