JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Students and teachers at Beaches Episcopal School are awaiting the safe return of Ms. Carley Glasser who ran in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Glasser isn't expected back in class until Thursday. The school said that as soon as they got in touch with her family, they sent out notifications to parents to let them know she was okay and now they are excited for her return.

Social media was the fastest way to get the message out that Glasser was okay. Beaches Episcopal School in Jacksonville Beach postedastatus onFacebook toMonday as soon as they heard from Glasser's family.

The 25-year-old third-grade teacher ran the Boston Marathon for the first time Monday, and had already finished the race when the explosions went off, but all of her friends and co-workers back home were extremely worried.

"She was so excited about it and the students were so excited about it, so the first thing that we wondering was whether she was safe," said Jackie Busse, Head of School at Beaches Episcopal School.

Glasser said she was in a restaurant celebrating her three-hour and 14-minute finish and people were running in frantically saying there had been a bomb. Back home, her students were finding out about the explosion as well.

"I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the explosion and I thought 'oh my gosh I hope Ms. Glasser is okay," said Phoebe Fletcher, a student.

Glasser has been a teacher at the school for three years. She teaches social studies, science and math.

"Carley's been training every since I can remember, She's a wonderful athlete," said Busse.

Glasser gets back home on Wednesday and her students are waiting for her safe return.

"She's one of my favorite teachers," said Hunter Russell, a student.

The school has chapel service every Wednesday morning and this week they will be praying for the runners of the marathon and those that were injured along with the families and supporters who were also out there.