CEDARBURG, Wis. (WTMJ) -- The man and woman accused of kidnapping Guido, the Brewers' Italian Racing Sausage, earlier this year, have been fined.

According to Cedarburg Police, the suspects are brother and sister.Kristin Moze, 32 of Cedarburg, and Timothy Forrer, 26 of Mequon, will becharged with a city ordinance for disorderly conduct andwill have topay restitution.The notices were sent in the mail.

Moze and Forrer face a fine of $429, andhave to pay restitution of$390.70, for cleaning and repairing thecostume, and for a missingduffel bag that held the costume.

Guido went missing back in February, and was returned just a few days later. The suspects later sent an apology for the crime.