JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The wires arelow and they need to go.

That's what one San Jose family said about an overhead wire strung from a telephone pole the end of their driveway. Gretchen Hart said AT&T recently did some work at the end of her daughter's driveway and left low wires. She keepsan RV ather daughter's home and says they can't get it out. They've tried contacting AT&T but haven't had luck so far.

"We would just like them to lower it or take it down completely or just raise it up so that we can get out. that's all," Hart explained as she pointed to the wire.

After First Coast News called an AT&T spokesperson, they sent someone out to Hart's daughter's home. It turns out, a tree limb was pressing the cable line down. Late Wednesday afternoon, an AT&T spokesperson told FCN the cable and tree limb were cut down.