WASHINGTON -- Two senators in Washington have come up with a bipartisan plan to expand background checks on gun purchases they hope will win support of Democrats and Republicans.

The expanded background checks would now apply to commercial sales such as transactions at gun shows and online. Sales would have to be channeled through licensed firearms dealers.

Private dealers at gun shows currently don't have to do background checks, and if someone is trying to sell online say on Craigslist, no checks are necessary. The plan in Washington changes that.

"Criminals and the very mentally ill should not have guns. I don't know of anyone who disagrees with that premise," said Senator Patrick Toomey, R-Pennsylvania.

Green Acres Sporting Goods manager Phillip Gazaleh in Jacksonville supports the expanded background checks, as long as they don't monitor what kinds of guns you are buying or how many guns you are buying.

"They should be looking at if you are mentally stable enough to own a firearm, or if your background warrants you to own a firearm, not what you are purchasing," said Gazaleh.

Gazaleh realizes the plan will mean more work for him, a licensed gun dealer.

"It will be a lot more paperwork, which is fine as far as those who should be owning guns will be owning the guns, and the people who shouldn't,won't."

Galezeh agrees it means less places to find guns and limits competition to some degree which would help his business, but it doesn't want that at the expense of trampling on gun rights.

Sen. Patrick Toomey said he considers the expanded background checks common sense, not gun control.