JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's a challenge when thousands of people in your city are doing the same thing, waking up every day, getting online and applying for jobs. That's what one local woman has been doing for months and still hasn't found a job, but with the promise of a job fair anda little help from First Coast News, she may be closer to a paycheck.

"I'm interested in a job with your company," said MonicaStolz to an employer at the JobNews job fair Wednesday.

Monica Stolz has been unemployed for four years. She says the last company she worked for had to downsize - causing her to get laid off from work.

"My husband was in the Navy so he kept us afloat, but now he's out of the Navy so I really need to get back into the work field," said Stolz.

She's been a stay at home mom, helping her 11-year-old with home-schooling for the last year, but the budget is getting tight.

"It's been very hard, we have bills to pay, you know mortgage, car payments, it's been very hard, and my husband needs me to get back to work," said Stolz.

Stolz found out about the JobNews job fair, but even in a room full of employers, finding companies that are currently hiring is a challenge. After over an hour of meeting employers, submitting resumes, and networking, she landed an interview with one company and First Coast News brought in a career coach to prepare her.

"Go look at job descriptions, what are they looking for, they tell you the skills, the qualifications," said Marilyn Feldstein.

And with a little help from a Human Resources Consultant, Stolz is revamping her resume and preparing for an interview that could land her a job and be in training by Monday.