Tallahassee, Fla. -- If you enjoy wine with dinner at your favorite restaurant, your bill could drop a little as a result of proposed legislation at the state Capitol.

Lawmakers are considering a measure that would allow businesses to buy wine in five-gallon kegs. Currently, a state law dating back to Prohibition bans containers that hold more than a gallon of wine.

Bill sponsor Sen. Wilton Simpson says the canisters will help businesses operate more efficiently and save money.

Simpson says consumers would save money too and he thinks the idea would be better for the environment.

"It helps the environment considerably. It takes 350,000 bottles a year out of the landfills and so I think it's a great business-consumer friendly bill. When you look at consumers, they'll be able to go to restaurants and buy the wine of their choice by the glass now instead of being forced to buy it by the bottle."

A Senate committee advanced the bill on Tuesday.

Sen. Simpson says the bill could also boost business for a Florida company that makes parts for wine kegs. Micro Matic in Brooksville employs about 130 people right now and if the bill passes, Simpson says the company hopes to expand.

"They have about 130 employees today and we're hoping that with this bill passed we'll be able to expand their employment opportunities."

The bill would also allow consumers to buy wine kegs from liquor stores.

Simpson says wine kegs are already legal in 48 other states.