JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Silencing the performance stage at Metro Park caused a heated debate at the CityCouncil meeting Tuesday night.

After hearing several hours' worth of public comment City Council passed anemergency bill that will waive the sound ordinance and fines for theJacksonville Boat Show, Welcome to Rockville and Funk Fest.

Danny Hayes, a concert promoter with Welcome to Rockville, said the lastminute vote helps but they need a long term solution.

"I've been here 6 times this year that's enough, I'll be here for ourevents but it's up to the council to do the right thing. If they want ourbusiness we're happy to be here, if they don't want our business then all theyhave to do is not give us a solution and we'll know the answer," saidHayes.

Councilman Don Redman said he hears numerous complaints that concerts inMetro Park are too loud.

The temporary waiver means Councilman Redman will be moving forward withmonitoring the sound levels at both Welcome to Rockville and Funk Fest.